These stories go beyond the forecast

How are Earthquakes Measured?

A swarm of 10 earthquakes in 10 days rattled more than just nerves in Kershaw County, South Carolina. I created an augmented reality explainer to shine some light on what’s happening underground.

Made for Social Media

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TikTok – Let’s start a fall garden
Look up! Here’s what you can see in the night sky
Hurricane Season 2020 – Researchers expect this season could break records

“WLTX Gandy’s Garden”

Jim Gandy retired from WLTX in May of 2019, and left behind a legacy and a nationally recognized work garden. In my spare time, I roll up my sleeves and leave the comfort of the air-conditioned studio to care for this garden. With the help of my co-workers, we want to show South Carolina the beauty in green spaces and the important role plants play in our warming world. SEE MORE ON MY GARDEN PAGE

Weather Explainers

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Day and night aren’t equal on the first day of Fall. The reason why might surprise you.
The 2020 Spring Equinox was the earliest in our lifetime! Here’s the reason why
How did you feel winter 2019-2020 went? We asked our viewers!

How much Carbon Dioxide does a tree store? It’s a lot, but not nearly enough
Viewers asked why their phones said the air quality was unhealthy so I dived in.
A look back at the history of Hurricane Isaias

Garden Reporting “Beat”

I answered some of the common problems gardeners in South Carolina are asking in late spring.

I toured this incredible garden in Columbia, SC. Citrus typically don’t grow in cooler climates, but this business owner is bringing fresh South Carolina citrus to his customers and grows more than 50 different types!

National Poinsettia Day honors the South Carolina man who shared his love for the poinsettia with the United States. Each year poinsettias are the most sold flowering plant in the country!

“TV20’s What’s Growing On?”

This was my weekly segment about people who are interacting (and often discovering incredible things) in the outdoors.

FROM THE ARCHIVES: General Assignment Reporting

I’ve covered a variety of stories I had to turn in a day. Here’s a look at a few of them.