Alex is an avid gardener in his spare time. Since he was 10, Alex spent his summers raising tropical plants in his NYC yard. When he moved to Florida, he gardened in every free spot he could and created a courtyard at WCJB in Gainesville for his co-workers to enjoy. Now in South Carolina, Alex has an assortment of tropical plants growing on his porch and takes care of WLTX’s Gandy’s Garden. The garden was started by Jim Gandy a few years ago to educate people about food security in a changing climate.

Gardening at News 19 (Gandy’s Garden)

Our team took “Gandy’s Garden” on the road. In this live shot, I show off the plants I selected for the autumn garden and how food security is more challenging because of Climate Change.


Deer will eat just about anything, especially during a drought like we’ve seen in Fall 2019. I’ve dedicated a place in the garden to show off plants that are resistant to deer damage.

Alex’s South Carolina Porch



Alex’s New York City Yard