Alex is an avid gardener in his spare time. Since he was 10, Alex spent his summers raising tropical plants in his NYC yard. Now in South Carolina, Alex has an assortment of tropical plants growing on his porch and takes care of WLTX’s Gandy’s Garden  (#GandysGarden on Twitter). The organic garden is a place for our team to get fresh produce and for viewers to learn about gardening and weather. The idea started in 2014 with WLTX’s, now retired, chief meteorologist, Jim Gandy.

Gardening at News 19 (Gandy’s Garden)


Sample of Garden Segments

(You can also find these in the YouTube Playlist above)

What’s Gandy’s Garden? | Earth Day enters its 50th year and to celebrate the milestone, Meteorologist Alex Calamia shows us how Gandy’s Garden got its start.

Deer & Drought | Deer will eat just about anything, especially during a drought like we’ve seen in Fall 2019. I’ve dedicated a place in the garden to show off plants that are resistant to deer damage.

In the Community |Our team took “Gandy’s Garden” on the road (literally!) right in the middle of the Five Points neighborhood. In this live shot, I show off the plants I selected for the autumn garden and how food security is more challenging because of Climate Change.

Social Distancing? Try Gardening! | Join our meterologist Alex in Gandy’s garden as he works on social distancing and gardening.

Alex’s Personal Garden