Some of the biggest weather events in the South Carolina midlands happened on my watch during the morning. Click on the photo series below to see clips from the wall to wall coverage I’ve led.


(CLIP 0:40) SEP 18 2020 || Lightning was a tool to track the greatest tornado & flood risk during the remnants of Hurricane Sally
(CLIP 1:40) APR 13 2020 || This was the 3rd deadliest tornado outbreak in South Carolina history to date. The quick-moving line lingered in our DMA for about 2 hours.
(CLIP 0:43) SEP 18 2020 || A “Radar Confirmed” tornado was on the ground at about 8 am during the remnants of Hurricane Sally.
(CLIP 2:03) SEP 6 2020 || Hurricane Dorian has a close brush with the South Carolina Midlands. The hurricane brought 90+ mph winds to the SC coast and later made landfall in NC.

Remnants of Hurricane Sally Montage

This video shares a few moments from my wall to wall coverage on September 18, 2020 when the remnants of Hurricane Sally brought flooding and tornadoes to South Carolina