Some of the biggest weather events in the South Carolina midlands happened on my watch.

Morning Tornado & Wind Event | Jan 2022

A rapidly developing area of low pressure-packed a one-two punch to the Midlands during the early morning hours of Monday, January 3rd. I broke into local programming for a Tornado Warning at 3 AM, then a widespread wind event brought power outages and downed trees to the area through my morning show.

South Carolina in Elsa’s Cone | Jul 2021

Tornado Outbreak from Hurricane Sally |Sep 2020

A “Radar Confirmed” tornado was on the ground at about 8 am during the remnants of Hurricane Sally.
Lightning was a tool to track the greatest tornado & flood risk during the remnants of Hurricane Sally

Morning After Easter Tornado Outbreak | April 2020

APR 13 2020 | This was the 3rd deadliest tornado outbreak in South Carolina history to date. The quick-moving line lingered in our DMA for about 2 hours.

Close Brush with Hurricane Dorian | Sep 2019

SEP 6 2019 || Hurricane Dorian has a close brush with the South Carolina Midlands. The hurricane brought 90+ mph winds to the SC coast and later made landfall in NC